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Happy Birthday … everyday! (How to get a very special gift even when it’s not your birthday)

Happy B day to me 😀

I want to thank… me for an amazing journey I take myself on everyday and its called life. 🤩 Birthday is definitely a love day and the coolest thing about it is that the Sun just finished His annual journey and get back to the same position it was when I was born. Like he does for everyone, every year. But this year for me was different. This year I did not wait for my birthday. I cant tell I was waiting for this one day of the year to get a magical wishes, because I send my wishes to the Universe every single day. I cant tell I was waiting for a birthday cake, because everytime I wanna eat a cake, I let myself to. I did not need to put a special day clothes, cuz Im in love with my reebok dance shoes so I just wear long skirt and felt like dancing queen. Didnt feel like put makeup on either. This year, when asked what do I need, what I dream of, what I’d like to do to celebrate this special day

I realize,

I do not really need anything else in my life to make this day special. There is no such thing that I could get instantly and say : NOW this made me much happier than I was before ”.

I realize

Everything is just on the right place. And nothing can make me more or less happier , when I have chosen joy as my permanent state of mind.

That calm thought just came to my mind and spill all over my body. It made me feel at peace with my life.

And all I wanted to do on my birthday was to have a morning coffee/yerba ritual on the balcony with Him. To hear the same “good morning Love” as everyday. To hear „ I love you mommy “ with the sweetest voice I know. To get a hug, a forehead kiss, a look of love. To eat plants like we used to. Go for a walk and maybe catch more colors of sunset. Hold hands – Ala between us two. To hug a tree. To admire living flower. To laugh . To love . To just be.

Birthday is one of those so called special days – and I need you to know, life is just as amazing as a birthday. I mean – the whole amount of time we have here, I mean everyday, every moment, I mean the whole life with its full colors and tastes. Every day is special.

Everyday there’s a thousand reasons to celebrate because every moment of now is a gift. See the blue sky? Dance. Feel the fresh air? Wave. Have someone you love near? Tell them. Now! Catch yourself thinking you did a great job? Go get yourself a cake! Or wear this super nice dress if you like to shine. Just because you can, just because you’re alive. Do whatever makes you happy everyday – it is really that simple. Live everyday, live in a present moment. Now, it’s all we’ve got.

Everyday is your birthday.

What Im trying to say is I really enjoy this time travel with Earth around the Sun . Season by season, through moon phrases and planet aspects.

We call it “a year” and I see it as a massive pack of energy put on time for exchange with the Universe, Earth , people, places.

When I look back, everything is different than a year before but at the same time, nothing really change. How its even possible:)

Cancer the Crab is all about to feel. Ocean of emotions is the place.

But this time I choose to stay in my joyful, calming shell instead of playing with the waves and looking for excitement. Surfing is fun but I need depth. I found treasures in the only place in the Universe I might find them- within me.

I guess that’s the only “place on earth “ we must really travel to. Deep inside ourselves.

To find that everything we ever needed is already there – in us.

Pink hair in Starry Skirt Dancer with leggings

(Does wearing starry skirt making me dancing queen? Naah, my state of mind does)

Both photos Jarosław Kojder

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