How does it feel to be a woman?

It feels like
Dreaming of dancing with the stars
Open heart as a

Sensitivity is my superpower
My outer beauty is a reflection of my thoughts
I guess
And I truly believe in myself
I ‘m a life giver and the game changer


I am a woman
Im a wild flower blooming in the hand of his Whole Beautiful love
I am melody silencing my fears
I let my tears fall down, freely
When Im moved by the beauty of the Planet
We are all one, I proclaim
So Mother Earth, teach me to be generous
Oh Sister , please share your strength with me
And if you ever need a hand to carry your crown
I am here
To soften your pain
And Goddess in me salutes Goddess in you
You Beautiful feminine Soul


I am made of love and I am made to love
I am pure love energy
Desire to create
I do things with touch of magic
I trust the Light inside me
I follow+ my Heart like it was the only thing I know for real
I am aware of my own madness which I fully accept as a part of my existence
I am a passion impossible to tame
I am free spirit manifest itself
I am the unity of opposites
I am a Woman

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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