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Happy another day on this amazing planet!

Today is Earth Day, just one day of the year named after Her, but we live here everyday since we exist. Everyday we are given a shelter, nourishment , living conditions, protection from suns harmful rays.

A place to call HOME

Everyday we are lucky to breathe in this very special mix of gases, drink the water which we are made of, we are all endowed with the ability not only to watch the beauty of this place, but to fully experience all of its tastes, views, miracles and bounty.

All of this were here long before us. Before we can even dream of a place like this.

A place to call HOME

Now we struggle from not being able to travel

>>OMG girl, thats the worst<<

But what if in couple of years there will be no place else to go?

We are also drowning in plastic but still seem to be not really disturbed by this fact.

“Shut up and take my money” we shout, buying another unnecessary thing, we THINK we need, to feel just a bit less unnecessary. Just a bit more special.

We produce, we buy, we crave, we use, we throw away, thousand of things.

Things, we strongly believe, will make us a prettier, more important or better human beings.

“A wise man.” Homo sapiens.

We are lost, because now “human nature” is way too far from the Nature. Far from our Home. We’re far from each other. Even far from so called “normal” because  “normal” is the definition of BALANCE. Balance is what makes life POSSIBLE on Earth.

Evolution of mind apparently didn’t do the homework, because there is no evolution if we do not evolve in all of our spheres simultaneously.

HUMAN being is mind AND spirit AND body. United.

None above the others.




Without spiritual growth there is no growth. And lack of awareness is the real PANDEMIC today.


it’s time to realise that without Earth we are dead.

Gone forever as that spices who destroy the planet they live on.


But we know that and still doesn’t give a damn. Conclusion?

Even when we’re immortal as a souls experiencing eternity, if we just finish our planet and ourselves that will be a proof that we are actually the dumbest creature who ever live here.

What a shame.

Homo sapiens, the Greatest Destructor.

Who announced homo sapiens is the finest species on the planet?

Don’t make God laugh.

Homo sapiens is still the only animal on the planet, who  wreaks havoc on the environment of his life.

There’s nothing to be proud of.

Where our great mind led us?

Nuclear weapon, jet engines, organ transplantation?

Yeah, that’s nice.

But I am asking a simple question “where’s the love” and we all are throw off the trail. Does any of “ those who know “ , those scientists, researches, anthropologists, brainiacs , thinkers

know what a basic instinct of the human is?

No one knows.

Because the fundamental instinct of human is not survival.*

We built our world on false assumptions.

Basic instinct of humanity is DIVINITY.*

The highest Love.

Our level of so called “ knowledge of the world“ is nursery.

We want to travel into space but don’t even know how to live in harmony on the planet which rise us.

What a farce.

Im not asking you to go vegan or reduce your trash, no.

Im not asking you for anything today .

Just ask yourself these questions:

“Who Am I?

Where Am I?

Why Am I here?

What do I intend to do about that? “*




*from Neale Donald Walsch’s „Conversation with God”


Oh, well… nothing lasts forever 😉

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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