In memory to my beloved Grandfather

The sky above my heart in September

My Grandfather passed away week ago which left me heartbroken….I wrote Him love poem:

The Sky above my heart
In my September fear
Is tearing me apart
I wish you were still here

The clouds above my head
In that September day
Introduce me to death
But I want you to stay

I want to be a child again
Just for that one last day
To not feel the pain
of loosing you, please stay

I miss you more than ever
I wish I had more time
But nothing lasts forever
But love
Please know I gave you mine

Where are you Grandpa?
I see you
In every cloud above
Nothing lasts forever
but Love
I have known your love

In every single tree
I know you’ll never die
I’m sure your soul is free
I know you flying high

In every human being
I’ll recognize your face
I know that you still living
You only change the place

I tell goodbye to your human body
But you’re much more than that
We’ll see each other in other ways
You’re now on a different path

There’s no more tears to cry
Death is a part of life
In my heart you’ll never die
In my heart you’re still alive
Beautiful Pink Violet Sunset Sky with heart shaped clouds

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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