You only live once…not! Here’s why:

They say you only live once. This is so untrue. You do not live one time. Your life happens everyday. Everyday is a gift, everyday is a part of the process, a new possibility to grow. Everyday you open your eyes, you get a new chance, new story to tell. Life is about to experience. Each and every day has been given to you for a reason- to learn, to rise, to love, to exist, to try to be the best version of yourself – for yourself and for the world. To simply evolve not only mentally and physically but – most important – spiritually.

So is “you only die once” closer to the essence? I cannot agree . You don’t die once… We don’t.

We have lived here a hundred times, in a hundred different bodies , places, societies, incarnations. We’ve kept coming back to Earth – again and again- to learn , to experience, to grow. The rising process is all about AWAKING our consciousness.

We are here to follow the path our Soul planned before we were born. Each and everyone of us. So “everything happens for a reason” is not only an empty phrase using to comfort us when things went wrong or we made a bad decision. It is crucial to perceive that every single circumstance (especially so called ’bad’ one!) we’re in , is actually lesson we NEEDED to learn. Every single person we met is a teacher and makes an impact on our life even if we don’t see it that way. The key is to live by conviction that everything is connected to everything… and present itself in exactly THE RIGHTEST way – to lead us to our one and only purpose. Trust the Universe cuz everything is a part of a whole, divine, excellent plan ✨


The rising process is all about AWAKING our consciousness.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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